Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 9

Posted on 19 November 2016 by Jannik

Campaign, new units, siege mode and more...

A two week devblog, because in the first week I mainly worked on the campaign and there isn't much to say about it...


I've mainly worked on the campaign the first week.

It's nearly like the campaign in Ancient Warfare 1 with 60 levels in 4 chapters.

New units

Just 3 new units this week:

-> Axe with shield

-> Battleaxe with shield

-> Knife

Siege mode

The siege mode is nearly finished!

I just have to improve a few thinks but here is a look at the castle, which is going to protect the king.

Btw it is fully destroyable.

There are also 4 small towers, which are destroyable, too.

They increasy the range of distance units by 50%.

Improved hit detection

There were a few bugs left in the  hit detection system.

First thing: Units will only kill while they are attacking.

There was a bug that the player got damage everytime he hit another weapon with his own one.

And the last thing I fixed was that the weapon wood parts were causing damaged, too...

A word about multiplayer

I investigated a possible multiplayer, because I really want it into the game. BUT I'm not sure if this is the right game for a multiplayer.

I tested a multiplayer version as a prototype and the network performance and sync is terrible.

There are two reasons for that:

1. Each player has abaout 12 rigidbodies + weapon + shield + horse/elephant

-> This will kill the network

2. At the beginning, I didn't planned a multiplayer mode, so, the game isn't coded as a multiplayer and there is much work to do to make it a real multiplayer game...


So there are a few options now: I could try to create a multiplayer, which might be really bad in terms of performance or I could think about another cool singleplayer mode and replace the multiplayer.

I think I will create something new and experiment with a possible multiplayer after release.

Whats next?

Someone gave me some really good ideas on!

There will be a new gamemode soon!


I updated the engine. This gives me new options for improvements and I will start with GPU instancing next week!

There are also a bunch of new units on it's way!