Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 8

Posted on 5 November 2016 by Jannik

Custom Battle Editor improvements, Level bundles, Campaign and more

Custom Battle Editor improvements

I've added a few new features to the custom battle editor.

The main reason to do that was the upcomming siege mode.

This are the new features and improvements:

  • The selected equipment is now saved with the battle data
  • The material is now reset correctly after selecting an unit/horse/elephant
  • The control unit of siege weapons is now showing the selected material
  • Locked beta units are now shown but you can not select them
  • Selected units range is now be shown
  • Unit behaviour can now be modified, even if you select multiple units with the same settings

Level Bundles

I have added a new feature: Level Bundles!

Level Bundles are packages with levels like deathmatch, reach target, later siege and spectate mode.

This gives me the possibility to add more levels after the full release.


The reason for the short devblog this week is that I started to think about a short campaign story and how I'm going to implement the levels.

I decided to do the campaign exactly like the one in Ancient Warfare 1, but I will add a key to a reandom choosen enemy, which you will need to open the gate to the levels end point.

So, you can not directly run around all enemies and finish the level without a kill.

There will be 75 levels + a hardcore end level!

Siege mode

The preparation in the custom battle editor is done. I want to add the siege mode to the custom battle editor and add my levels to a level bundle. This is less work for me and gives you much more possibilities in the custom battle editor.

A small spectate video

Release date

The 6th December 2016 will be the magic date!

I think I should have done anything until then.

I need the next one and a half week for the campaign and the siege mode.

Then about 2 weeks to add the multiplayer and the rest to fix the last few bugs.