Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 7

Posted on 29 October 2016 by Jannik

Improvements, new units, beta update and more...

New Units

I'm working on the last few units, here is a small list of what is comming to the game:

  • Elphants [In game]
    • Speerthrower [In game]
    • Archer [In game]
    • Unarmed [In game]
  • Sling warrior [In game]
  • Hand cannon [In game]
  • Bombard
  • Mortar
  • Rolling Tree
  • Rolling sphere

New weapon/shield selection

I removed the old equipment Panel and added a new one, which looks better and is more clearly.

But the main reason was to add this menu to the other gamemodes, like conquest, king of the hill and later siege.

Use bow/crossbow/sling/handcannon

Some people wanted to use the ranged weapons to kill enemies from distance.

I've added the support to pick up the weapons, but you cannot start with a ranged weapon and you cannot use a shield and a ranged weapon.

I think this is a good compromise. because those weapons are slightly overpowered.

Improved unit behaviour

Again I improved the unitbehaviour.

The units are searching their targets asynchronous and not at the same time. There is a queue and each units will successively get it's target assigned.

I improved the synchronization to the AI and the unit behaviour is much better and even faster now.

Siege mode

I wanted to start the siege mode this week, but I had to delay it because I got some good ideas for it, which I first wanted to plan.

The plan is to add the siege mode to the custom battle editor, so that you can create your own siege missions.

You will have the possibility to modify the unit behaviour for each unit to change them to guards or something other.

The game target will be to kill the king in the castle.

Beta Update

I updated the beta. Basically I updated the assembly to the version of the 24th October, so most of the stuff in this devblog is in the beta except the content.

Next tuesday I will update the beta again to fix more bugs!

Bug fixes

Again a list of bug fixes:

  • Hitting you own shield will deactivate your weapon for a short time
  • Legs were shaking while standing
  • Body was shaking every second (Animation lag)
  • Framerate target was set to 30fps
  • Catapults were moving to near targets if there weren't other units on the map
  • Catapult shot height wasn't variable
  • Sometimes spearthrowers were killing theirself
  • Red guys win when the game starts large battles