Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 6

Posted on 22 October 2016 by Jannik

King of the hill, Conquest, new units, optimization and more...

King of the hill mode

The king of the hill mode is finished.

You can fight in teams with max size of 32 on 3 maps with 3 variations.

Choose your map, respawn time, win time, team size and start the battle!

Conquest is finished

The conquest mode is finished, too.

You will have 5 points to capture and defend to win.

At the moment the max amount of players for each team is 32, but I will try to increase it to 64 later!

Again more optimization

Optimization isn't really easy in Ancient Warfare 2 but I really make some progress on it.

Last week I optimized the sound effects. Sometimes the sound effects were causing frame rate issues, but this is now fixed.

Another performance problem was caused by the AI. I improved the scripts a little bit, but I need to reinvestigate the main problems with the performance now.

More ambient music

In devblog 5 I fixed the ambient music problems and now I added 3 new songs from Ross Bugden to the game.

I think that the 6 songs in game will give some variety.

Another small new feature: You can skip the current track by pressing F11

New Units

With the improved unit database I have more space for new units.

This is the list of units I've added this week:

  • Bisento warrior
  • Bisento warrior with shield
  • Katana warrior
  • Nail bat warrior
  • Nail bat warrior with shield
  • Wood stick warrior
  • Kama warrior
  • Tanto sword warrior
  • Tanto sword warrior with shield


You can capture screenshots from everywhere in game by pressing F12 now!

Bugs fixed

This is the list of fixed bugs:

  • Horse riders are killing enemies in custom battle editor placement
  • Horse riders won't attack other horse riders
  • Too many players at start causing red guys win
  • Sometimes wrong players were placed
  • Several bugs in the king of the hill mode


I did not have much time this week, so I decided to start to improve the balacing a bit.

  • Increased flame arrow damage by 66%
  • Increase arrow damage by 33%
  • Changed a bunch of melee weapons

Next week

Unfortunately, I had not much time this week.

Next week I will have much work to be done, this are my plans:

  • Improve the unit behaviour for conquest and king of the hill
  • Add a weapon database to make it easier to choose you start weapon for all gamemodes
  • Add crossbow and bow support for the player
  • Show unit range in custom battle editor
  • Start with the siege gamemode and implement it into the custom battle editor
    • Add the possibility to add custom unit behaviour like smaller attack ranges, forbit to follow the target, ...
  • I will update the beta on 25th October to fix all the bugs and bring the assembly to the current development version