Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 47

Posted on 14 October 2017 by Jannik

Fighting without weapons, level bundles, improvements and more...

Fighting without weapons

The player can now fight without weapons. There are two attacks: A normal punch and an uppercut.

You will need one hit to the head of an enemy to knock him out.

Level bundles

The level bundle button in the main menu is now available and the first level bundle is going to be added soon.

Level bundles that haven't been released yet, will be shown with the release date in game now.

There are some improvements to the UI and all will work much more stable than in AW2.

Other improvements

  • Added a fiter to only show categories of different objects
  • Fixed the quick random battle button(it is now working)
  • Removed "Zombie Survival" mode from quick random battle
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused double weapon damage
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player ragdoll to fly around
  • Fixed a database error that could crash the game when using spawners
  • Fixed spawners sometimes stopped spawning units for no reason

Improved hit detection

I spent some time to fix some problems with the hit detection.

There were some problems which caused wrong hit detection or no hit detection at all.

All of those problems are now fixed and the detection should work more precise.