Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 43

Posted on 8 September 2017 by Jannik

AI improvements, battering ram, roads, performance improvements, bugfixes and more...

Roads and rails

Roads and rails can now be created if you click on the "Edit Terrain" button in the custom battle editor.

At the moment they are just decorative, but in the future there will be objects like trains.

Battering ram

Battering rams are in game. They will only target buildings and need about 5 hits to destroy a stone wall.

AI improvements

There are some more AI improvments in this update.

First of all, units will be less delayed, they will start to walk towards their targets much faster(Nearly as fast as in Ancient Warfare 2).

Units on towers will not longer try to attack enemies right in front of them, because they would only hit their tower and default units with melee weapons will now attack walls.

Please note that walls will now be owned by one faction! If there is a unit on the wall, it is owned by the unit's faction, otherwise it is owned by the nearest unit's faction.

Environment objects in editor

Another requested feature by the community is now in game.

You can now place weapons, shields and support equipment in the custom battle editor and pick it up during the battle.

This allows you to have some reserves in your base.

Scripting runtime upgrade

Finally unity developers can use a modern .Net version and C#6 with many improvements, more features and better compiler optimizations.

I changed the .Net version to 4.6, which will increase the performance. My benchmarks showed that there are less worst case performance situations.

However, I have to fix many new bugs and problems.

Hopefully I can add this upgrade in the next version to improve the performance.

Other improvements

  • Fixed a crash that occured if one ore more units are set to patrol mode
  • Added a warning dialog before the user returns to main menu without saving
  • Game can't be ended with alt f4 anymore.
    • Press it twice in one second to rage quit
  • Units will now be replaced to the ground if a building is beeing destroyed in editor
  • The player can now pickup equipment like grenades
  • Not all siege weapons can be placed on walls now
  • Siege weapons on buildings will now get destroyed if the building gets destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that units could walk in the air, where a building got destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that could stop the units from beeing updated
  • Fixed pause menu and spectate functions
  • Fixed the explosion of ragdolls if the player paused the game while spectating
  • Fixed terrain editor collision mesh errors
  • Fixed wrong tree material in snow biomes
  • Fixed missing beancan grenade icon

What's next

I started to work on random battles and I would like to finish them until the next update, but they require the scripting runtime upgrade, so I will try fix all bugs and make it working.

Beside of that, there will be some new content and a few small community suggestions.