Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 43

Posted on 2 September 2017 by Jannik

Castle building, AI improvements, roads and rails, and bug fixes...

Castle building system

The new castle building system is in game. It comes with improved functionality, performance and destruction!

The most important building parts are in game and more parts, decoration and more is going to be added in the next updates.

There will also be more siege units like a battering ram.

AI improvements

I started to do some AI improvements. The pure AI performance is already very good, but some unity built in features aren't performing as well.

This update will fix some placement problems and other bugs with the AI.

For instance, the AI was stucking for a short moment or was waiting very long before it started to move.

There are still some cases which will cause the AI become slower, but I will fix that soon.

Road experiments

Someone suggested to add some more things to the maps and the terrain. So I started to code a spline and curve editor and calculator to add some procedural roads and rail roads to the terrain.

Unfortunately it isn't as stable as I want it to be, so you have to wait for the next update to create roads and rails.

Other improvements

  • The object pool for projectiles was working very slow
  • Sometimes a bow/crossbow/sling/blowpipe usef a gun projectile
  • Players couldn't place units on loaded walls
  • Fixed a crash scenario while loading a battle
  • Fixed AI walkable area calculations around buildings
  • Fixed the bow sound distance