Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 41

Posted on 18 August 2017 by Jannik

Vehicles, jets, first person aim, weapon customization and more...


Earlier than expected, but vehicles are in game! There will be more vehicles in future versions, but for now, there are 3 tank models and one APC. Each vehicle comes in different versions.

WWI and WWII tanks will be added in the next update.

The available vehicles are listed below:

M1 Abrams

Leopard 2



First person aim

First person aim is now working for all weapons and allows you to shoot at far targets.

Weapon attachments

The weapon customization system is in game! You can choose different weapon sights, barrels and other modifications. There will be more added in future updates.

Please note that not all weapons can be customized and not all attachments can be attached to any weapon.

There will also be different attachments for different eras.

Anti tank content

Tanks are really strong but there are anti tank mines and air strikes to destroy armored vehicles. RPG units are quite effective, too, but all calibers that are smaller than 12.7mm won't be useful at all.

Other improvements

  • Added swat shield for the player
  • Added custom unit era to filter the unit list for custom units
  • Fixed a pause bug that caused ragdolls to fly up in the air
  • Fixed unit offset from the ground
  • Updated the leg walk animation
  • Legs will now move faster if units are running faster
  • Legs aren't longer shaking while standing
  • Attack keys are now adjustable

Next update

In the next update I will add some more vehicles, a new faction and maybe some more anti tank and anti air content.