Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 40

Posted on 12 August 2017 by Jannik

Custom units, gladiator arena, vehicles, weapon attachments and more...

Only a small update this week, because I'm preparing a big update for the next week!

This week's update

Gladiator Arena

The gladiator arena is back in game. The gamemode is pretty much the same as in AW2, but it is less buggy and looking a bit better.

Custom Unit Creator

The custom unit creator is back, too. It is much better now and you can create as many units as you would like to.

Your units can be used in custom battles and if you share a battle with your custom unit, the unit will be exported, so that everyone can play the battle.

Next update


The first tank is nearly ready to battle. It is fully working, but it can't move at the moment, so I delayed the vehicles one update.

First person aim

I saw that many people are playing in first person mode, so I decided to improve the first person aim. Now it is like aiming in a first person shooter.

Weapon attachments

There will be a weapon customization system, which allows you to put scopes, lasers, barrels and other weapon attachments on your weapons.

Airstrike flare

There will be a new grenade/flare which will call a jet which will drop bombs at the location of the flare.

This weapon is really effective against tanks and other armored vehicles.