Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 4

Posted on 8 October 2016 by Jannik

New gamemode, further optimization, new units, content and more...

Gladiator Arena

I started working on a new gamemode, the arena battles.

You will fight alone against spawning enemies until you die.

The arena will be full of spectators, banners, confetti and a load crowd will look at you while beating the high score!

This gamemode will replace the endless mode, which was a bit useless because it was boring and had no ambience.

Further optimizations

I took some time to investigate some scripts which weren't perform very well.

This will at least reduce a bit cpu overhead.

Another optimization was to change some animations to unity's legacy animation system, which can handle 2000 simple animations(no bones) with 3.6% cpu time!

Bugs fixed

There was a problem that throwing a melee weapon adds damage to the player.

Sometimes blue units had red blood.

New units













I've added a bunch of new units this week!

  • Farmers
    • They have a large fork
  • Sword fighter with shield
  • Spear fighter
  • Battle axe fighter
  • Warhammer fighter
  • Warhammer fighter with shield
  • Ballista
    • The second siege weapons, looking forward to siege mode
  • Flame Ballista
    • Like the ballista, but with flame arrows
  • Hwacha
    • Extremly dangerous, it fires 77 arrows at once!

Pick up shields

So far, you could only pick up weapons.

Now you can pick up shields from fallen enemies and change your current shield when you press right mouse button and Q.

New content

Beside the new units, I've added more content.

  • Fork
  • 3 new shields
  • Warhammer

Unit Database

To add more troops faster in the future, I've added a custom asset database in the project.

AI improvements

Started working on the AI.

There was a problem, that siege weapons were count as two units, this is now fixed.

Another problem was that the ai attacked the siege weapon itself and not the control units, this fixed, too.

The siege AI got some improvements, too. Now they won't attack near targets and focus on far away enemies.

What's next?

I want to improve the AI, finish the horse AI, add more variations of horseriders, and add some features to the custom battle editor.