Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 39

Posted on 5 August 2017 by Jannik

Stone age faction, unit skill, zombies and more...

Unit skill

There is a new slider in the unit behaviour settings, to adjust the skill of a unit. 50% is the default skill value. The skill value will only affect ranged units at the moment, but I will implement something for default units, too. The more skill a unit has, the more accurate will their shots be.


Weather is back in! Depending on the biome there will be snow or rain.

New biomes

There are two new biomes: Snow plains and snow forest.

Zombie survival

Zombie survival can be started from the main menu or you can build a base in the custom battle editor and fight with other units against the zombies. Zombies will spawn from the edge of the map and airdrops will drop random weapons and support equipment.

Zombies are available in other gamemodes, too.

Stone age faction

The stone age faction is in game! They will get some more content in future updates, but the basics are implemented:

  • Bone baton
  • Stone spear
  • Stone axe
  • Stone battleaxe
  • Stone hammer
  • Stone knife
  • Stone sword
  • Wood baton
  • Wood baton with stones
  • Wood stick

Demo version

A demo version is now available. All medieval weapons are unlocked and a few modern weapons, too. You can play the custom battle editor and conquest, but the other modes are locked, too.

Other improvements

  • Units will avoid large heaps and try to fight along a line
  • You can now change your equipment while waiting for respawn in conquest and king of the hill
  • Fixed the offset of units from the ground. They are now placed directly on the ground.
  • Ranged units in guard mode will find a new target after the first one died.