Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 38

Posted on 29 July 2017 by Jannik

Horses, Elephants, Siege weapons, new weapons, new objects and more...

Horse AI

The horse ai is now finished and horses are much better than in AW2! They will try to run beside their target and hit them from the horse. They are much faster than default units, which allows them to kill 2-3 units until they get killed.


Elephants are back in game! The player can use elephants and there is one unit with an elephant. This unit is unarmed and the elephant will just run over all the enemy units.

Siege weapons

I have added the catapults, ballista, mortar, siege shield´ and the deathbarrowl from AW2.

There will be much more siege weapons in future updates and I will also add modern "siege" weapons like modern mortars and static guns and there are also much more medieval siege weapons to do.

Container towers

There are a few new military objects in game:

  • Container
  • Wide container tower
  • Wide container tower with cover
  • Small container tower with cover

In addition I have added wooden spikes. The AI will run around them instead of just running into them and die.

New weapons

I wanted to add another era for the first public release. There are now a few WWI weapons in game, but there will be much more in future updates.

A few modern weapons have been added, too.

Bug fixes

I fixed countless bugs to improve your experience in the first public release. In the next two days, I will do more improvements to release a good version with less bugs.