Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 36

Posted on 1 July 2017 by Jannik

New weapons, units, firemodes, arsenal and more...

Medieval ranged weapons

I created some new models for medieval ranged weapons and added them to the game:

Modern weapon models

I created many modern weapon models of all kinds:

  • DMRs
  • Snipers
  • Semiautomatic
  • Automatic rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Repeating rifles
  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • LMG
  • RPG
  • Bats

All weapons are fictional and we won't buy weapon licenses, because we can't afford them, we don't want to support the weapon industry and we want you to be able to play the game without having to support weapon manufacturers.

New units

During the implementation and balancing of all new modern weapons, I wrote some scripts to automate the workflow of adding new units. The program will now autodetect new weapons and creates all possible unit combinations with the weapons.

Now we have 149 units in game which are waiting for you and much more are on their way.


I created some more animations for the new weapons and did some improvements to make all animations a bit smoother.

There are also some fixes to remove some bugs, which would allow players to reload a gun without playing the animation and other things.


There will be an "Arsenal", where you can see all weapons and armor and check their stats.

Switch Firemodes

You can now switch between different firemodes. Some weapons do only support one firemode, but for all others, you can choose from:

  • Semiautomatic
  • Automatic
  • Burst x2
  • Burst x3
  • Repeating

Gun sounds

This time the gun shots will sound less annoying! I got some pretty good sound assets for different kind of guns and I will add better sounds for melee weapons soon.

In the next weeks I will improve the overall sound system to play sound effects in a more realistic way.

Adjustable Controls

I did some preparation work for the first playable version and added adjustable controls. This time you can find them directly in the options instead of having to search for a button which will bring you to another menu.


  • Primary weapons can now be used as secondary weapons
    • This allows more combinations of different weapons
  • UI preparations for the first release
  • Many bug fixes

What's next?

Next week I will add more sounds, new ancient weapons with animations and some UI performance improvements. After that I will go on vacation for 2 weeks.