Ancient Warfare Devblog 34

Posted on 17 June 2017 by Jannik

Object placement, traps/barricades, attack combinations and more...

Object placement

Object placement in Ancient Warfare 2 was very easy, because there were only flat terrains. Now it's a bit more difficult, but this is how it works:

  • Some objects align to the terrain (traps)
  • Some objects will be placed straight on top of the terrain, no matter how high the slope is (trees)
  • Some objects align to the terrain, but if the slope is too high, they can't be placed(towers)
  • Objects which can be place are now blue/transparent and objects which can't be placed at the current position are red/transparent

Traps and barricades

The first traps from Ancient Warfare 2 are back in game. I optimized the models to improve the performance and visuals.

In addition there is the first kind of barricade for the modern units in game: Small and large sand barricades


There is something new in game: Grenades.

You can now carry a grenade with you and throw it.

There are 4 types at the moment:

  • RGO-Grenade
  • Smokegrenade
  • Flashbang
  • Flamegrenade

Unit settings

The unit settings are back. There are 3 different AI modes to modify their behaviour:

  • Default
    • Units will walk towards far enemies
  • Guard
    • Units won't walk towards far enemies
  • Patrol
    • Units will walk to choosen waypoints until an enemy gets too close

You can also adjust the attack range like in Ancient Warfare 2, but all is working much better with less bugs.

Attack combinations

Attack combinations will help you to attack faster. If you press an attack key while you are attacking, the player will directly combinate the second attack afterr the first on has finished.

Animation improvements

I improved the new animations and the way how they are played to make them more seemless and realistic.

Physic fixes

In Ancient Warfare 2, the weapons were sometimes very bouncy or jumped high in the air for no reason. This is now fixed and I improved the physics performance of weapons in general.

What's next?

Next week, I will finish a bunch of features and do some bug fixes, before I start to create some more animations for new content.