Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 33

Posted on 10 June 2017 by Jannik

AI, game modes, modern weapons and more...


I've created the two basic AI types and the basics for every kind of AI. There are working modern and ancient units to test battles and other functionality.

Unit behaviour

In the second part, ther were a big problem with the performance of the unit behaviour. The new system is now async and runs on another thread, so that there is no performance impact, even on big battles.


There are now 4 game modes in the custom battle editor:

  • Deathmatch
    • Two teams are fighting until one team doesn't have any members left
  • Reach point
    • The player have to reach a target pos to win the battle
  • Conquest
    • You can place flags and choose the units to spawn
    • The teams will capture and defend 5 flags
  • King of the hill
    • The teams will have to capture one flag and keep it for an amount of time to win

There will be more game modes, but I focused on the integration of conquest and king of the hill to allow custom maps. These two gamemodes will be available in the main menu, too, with some interesting preconfigurated maps.

Weapon models

In this week I made some new weapons and improved some older models. We already have more than 20 modern guns in game and there are some more on the list.