Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 32

Posted on 3 June 2017 by Jannik

New terrain generation, graphics, rivers and more...

New biomes

I started to remake and create some new biomes to improve the look of the game

Terrain Generation

The terrain generation will work much faster now. Terrains are generated in about 0.3 seconds instead of more than one second.

In addition I spend some time to improve the development tools for me, to improve the workflow of adding new biomes and to have better controls and more options for the terrain generation.


I've added a new option to the terrain editor. You can now dig rivers or let the terrain engine generate a river for you.

In addition you can also choose a swampy terrain with lots of small lakes.


The first kind of placeable objects is in game: Bridges.

They are used to cross rivers in a faster way, but units can also walk through the water.

AI navigation

I started to work on the AI. I will try to use Unity's default Navmesh solution because in the last updates there were a lot of improvements for that and it seems to be very performant and flexible. The generation process is finished now and works very quick.

Next week I will start to implement some AI behaviour.


I thought a lot about the release of the third part. It will have much more content and quality than the second part and I will release it on steam instead of Ancient Warfare 2.

I will launch a crowdfunding campaign when the alpha is ready.

There will be early access, but only for people who donated a small amount of money(5-7 bucks).

And there will be rewards for people who donated more. But more about that later.