Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 31

Posted on 27 May 2017 by Jannik

New third person camera, third person aiming, HUD, player fighting system and more...

Third person camera

The camera behaviour in Ancient Warfare 2 was very bad and static. You couldn't see very much from the game, because the camera position was to static behind the character.

I've developed many different kind of camera behaviours in the last week and I decided to go with a more dynamic and smooth camera.

This one feels very good because the view angle changes if you are running, standing, walking backwards...

And if you turn around or move around a corner, the camera will smoothly follow you instead of beeing directly behind your character.

One thing which I might add later: Transparency of the character based on the camera distance to prevent the character from hiding the view.

Third person aiming

The third person aiming in Ancient Warfare 2 were as bad as the camera behaviour.

In Ancient Warfare 3 it will be much better because the camera position will change to your characters shoulder which gives a good view at your target.

In addition to that, the HUD will show a crosshair and hit markers.


The new HUD isn't very different from the one in Ancient Warfare 2.

The player health will be shown in the top left corner, as well as the notifications for picking up weapons.

If you are using grenades or a gun, there will be an additional panel in the bottom right corner, which will show your ammo, grenade amount, firemode and reload progress.

Player fighting system

The player fighting system is totally different from the second part.

Instead of randomly attacking by pressing the "Attack"-button, you will be able to choose which attack you want to do.

For instance:

Left mouse button = Hit from right to left,

Alt + left mouse button = Hit from left to right,

Mouse wheel up = Hit from Top to bottom,

Mouse wheel down = Stab, ...

This gives the player better controls and much more efficient attacks for all kind of situations.

Furthermore, the player can use guns, which will work very simple: Aim, Shoot, Reload

How weapons will work

Each unit has an amount of health(default = 100). If the unit gets hit by a weapon which can cut body parts, it will die and the body part gets cut off. If it is hit by a weapon which isn't sharp, the damage of the weapon will be multiplied by the hit body part's damage multiplier:

Chest/Back = 100% damage

Head = 200% damage

Arms/Legs = 75% damage

The same multiplier will be used for bullet damage.

Armor will work as the following:

If armor will get hit, it will multiply the weapon's damage by the multiplier for sharp or unsharp weapons.

For bullets, the armor has a different damage multipliers for different calibers. For instance the protection for 9mm is 80% but for 5.56mm it's just 45%.

This settings allow very detailed adjustments for the damage model for all kind of weapons.

Player equipment

There are 7 kind of equipment to choose:

  • Primary weapon (Can also be a secondary weapon)
  • Secondary weapon
  • Shield
  • Grenade/Support
  • Helmet
  • Chest protection
  • Arm plate

Your character will carry all equipment with him, even if he can't use the shield with his primary weapon. He would put the shield on his back and if you swap the weapon to his secondary, which supports a shield, he will use it.

Or you can carry a bow and a sword to be prepared for everything.

What's next

I'm pretty happy with the controls of the player, but they need here and there a few adjustments.

Next week I will either finish the custom battle editor, with the new features like terrain modifications and the new terrain generator, or I will start working on the AI to get some battles.