Ancient Warfare 3 Devblog 30

Posted on 20th May 2017 by Jannik

Ancient Warfare 3 and the plans for the future.

Ancient Warfare 3

While developing the modern spin of, I though about how cool it would be to have all units (ancient and modern) in one game.

Since the modern spin off was a complete redevelopment, I started to develop it as a third part with many requested features and a strong core for easier development and less bugs.

There is no release date at the moment, but maybe I will do some kind of limited access to some beta version later.


At the moment I'm working on the core functionality of the game, so there isn't as much to show, but I want to give you a litte insight of my plans for Ancient Warfare 3.


You can follow the development in the weekly devblogs every saturday and on twitter as well.


One of the worst things of Ancient Warfare 2 was the fighting system. I'm working on a much better solution with a better third person camera and different equipment, which you can carry with you and swap it during the battle. For instance, you can carry a bow and a sword to be prepared for different situiations.

In addition there will be medipacks and other small misc items, which will change the battles.

Other plans

This is a small list of some other plans for the thrid part. The gamemodes from the previous part will be readded.

  • Terrain editor
  • Improved terrain environments
  • Conquest and King of the hill in editor
  • Dynamic AI (walk on walls, ...)
  • Much more content
    • Stone age -> High cultures -> Medieval -> WWI -> WWII -> Modern -> Future?
    • Even fantasy units and myths
  • Huge campain
  • Better and more dynamic player controls
  • Testing range
    • Test all content in game with or without enemies
  • More stable and performant core
  • Customization of scenarios, maps, units and more
  • Better UI
    • More self explanatory
    • With hints to help the user
  • Much more...
    • You will see it soon