Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 29

Posted on 15 April 2017 by Jannik

Torches, campfires, pathfinding improvements and more...

Torch and campfire

There are now torches and campfires in game. This is the first step of adding more decorative content to the game.

Pathfinding improvements

There were some problems with the new pathfinding system. Some units didn't get a path for units on walls. This is still an issue, but units won't longer walk through walls if they don't have a path. To prevent further issues with that behaviour, units will now attack walls if the wall is in their way.

Bug fixes

Here is the list of fixed bugs:

  • I fixed some bugs related to the custom unit creator
  • Some game modes didn't supported red players as they should
  • Since the first version of the game, the player was moving faster if he was walking diagonal. This is now fixed!
  • There occured some errors if buildings got destroyed.
  • The player walked through walls with an animal
  • Siege units on walls stucked into the air after their platform got destroyed
  • Units walked through walls if they didn't got a path
  • Units didn't got a path for units on walls