Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 28

Posted on 8 April 2017 by Jannik

New biomes, easter content, play as a red guy and more...

Next update!

The easter update will be the next update, which will be released on the 14th April 2017. Once I know a time, I will let you know.

There will be some easter content, new biomes, custom units and unit spawners as well many bug fixes.

The update after the easter update will contain some fantasy units.

Test range biome

There is a new biome, the test range. It's the biome, which I used in the first development versions. It provides a good performance on very low end gpus.

Easter world biome

I started to work on some easter content for the next update. This is the easter biome.

Beach biome

The beach biome is not the coast biome! It is a default biome with palms and other things. But don't worry, there is also a coast biome with half ocean and half beach in progress, but it's a difficult task in terms of performance and I can't promiss that I will finish it before the next update.

Easter content

Easter is near and I will add some content of the suggestions from

This is the content:

  • Easter guy
    • Will throw eggs, which will spawn small bunnies
  • Small bunny
    • These small animals will jump towards you to kill you
  • Easter soldier
    • This guy uses a carrot as a weapon
  • Armored easter soldier
    • This guy uses a carrot, too, but it also wears the shell of an egg as armor

Play as a red guy

Another highly requested feature: Choose your faction.

Now you can choose which color you want to play in the settings, but you will get ask at the first start of the game, too.

Bug fixes

Here is the list of fixed bugs:

  • The player died at the start of a battle if using an elephant
  • Player couldn't move with a camel
  • Sometimes the player died when using a siege weapon
  • Units on horses didn't shoot at their enemies
  • Enemies didn't attack the player in Conquest and King of the Hill
  • Enemies stopped working after respawn in conquest mode
  • There was a stroke in the bottom left cornor