Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 26

Posted on 25 March 2017 by Jannik

Update, pathfinding, ocean battles and more...


It took a long time, but the update is here!

This are the main points:

  • Heavy performance improvements
  • Graphics improvements
  • Procedural castles
  • Conquest/King of the hill updated
    • Performance + options
  • Advanced game settings
  • Ocean battles
  • New unit behaviour settings
  • Patrol mode
  • Pirate faction
  • Pathfinding


The pathfinding algorithm is finished! This will make the AI much better, because it will avoid walls and other things instead of walking into walls and stuck there.

Ocean battles

I did some performance optimisations to improve the ocean battles and I think they feel very good now.

There are also some improvements for the local avoidance of ships and I have added two new ships.

If you will start using an enemy ship now, all the cannon units will swap the faction and attack the red guys, but other units on the ship will try to kill you!

Other improvements

  • Dynamic unit list length
    • The scroll area is now as long as the list
  • Improved loading algorithm will allow the physics to update while loading
    • This will remove lag spikes at the beginning of a battle
  • Night mode option for conquest and king of the hill