Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 25

Posted on 18 March 2017 by Jannik

Ocean battles, requested features, pathfinding, new units and more...

Ocean battles

There are now some ambient sounds if you are under water or above it.

You can now control ships without a captain.

I also improved the AI behaviour:

  • Ships will now try to choose the best rotation direction
  • Ships will now shoot on other ships while moving, if they are in range
  • Ships will now try to not crash into each other


One of the most requested features: Stairs/Ladders. I added a stair building block and ladders to the castle building system, which allows you to walk on walls.

New units

There are two new units:

  • St. Patrick
    • He will throw coins which will turn units into gold
  • Harpoon pirate
    • This guy uses a harpoon to kill his enemies

The harpoon can the used by the player, too.


Another requested feature was juming. Now it is in game so that you can jump through tower windows to get into them or to jump on another ship to kill the crew and captain.


Pathfinding is really important, because the new movement system won't stop the AI from walking into each other. I'm working on a modified A*-Algorithm with local avoidance, which will work multithreaded and without performance impact on multicore cpus.

It really needs some serious work to be game ready, but I will try hard to get this into the next update!

Update next week

There will be an update next week, which will add the heavy performance and graphics improvements as well as ocean battles and all other things I've added in the last weeks.

I will release the update as soon as possible (midweek - weekend).

You will get a detailed date in the next days.