Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 24

Posted on 11 March 2017 by Jannik

Better performance, ocean battles, modern spin off and more...

Ocean battles

Ships will now shoot at other ships, units will shoot at other units on ships and all boats can now sink to the ground. The units on top of a sinking boat will die if they hit the water.

There is now also support for ocean battles on low end gpus with direct x9 and OpenGl systems are now supported, too.

The extra large terrain option will only be available for direct x11 and direct x12 because the ocean calculation can be done on the gpu, which doesn't have a performance impact on the game.

And here is a small video how I try to swim and die...


I started to work on multithreading for cpus with more than 2 cores, but even weak cpus will benefit from this optimisation.

For example the water will now be calculated by the cpu on a separate thread, if the gpu doesn't support the calculations.

I hope that I can outsource some other calculations soon.

Modern Spin Off

Official development start!

Yeah it's really happening, we started to develop the modern spin off. Of course I will priorize the original game, but I will work on the spin off, too, to get some diversity.

We have choosen the first game modes and content of the game and I started to create the menu layout, main menu and the first weapons are already in game. The next step is to animate the weapons, but I will have to wait until I get a few other weapon types.

And here are some keypoints about the content:

Gamemodes: Custom battle editor, test range, zombie mode, level bundles and arsenal

Content types: WWI, WWII, modern, future

Weapon types: Pistols, rifles, snipers, machine pistols, shotguns, grenades, grenade throwers, rpgs

We also want to add different protection armor types, calibres, medikits, ammopacks, ...

Bug fixing

This is a short list of fixed bugs:

  • Triangulation of the ocean mesh was wrong
  • Archers on walls and towers will now look at their target
  • The level bundle panel couldn't be scrolled to the bottom