Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 22

Posted on 18 February 2017 by Jannik

New game, more settings, graphics update, better performance and more...

New game

Last week we created a small new game: "Ancient Warfare TD"

Ancient Warfare TD is a tower defense version of Ancient Warfare.

You will build the defense to keep the red kingdom away from your castle. Every round, the enemies are getting harder. But be careful! Once you started the next round, you won't be able to build new units until the round has ended.

Every building has four levels to upgrade and if that is not enough to stop the red guys, you can drop spells on them.

You will get coins for each unit you kill and after every round.

You can download it for free: Ancient Warfare TD

Graphic enhancements

This is something that I wanted to do for a long time. There are now nice post processing effects to improve the graphics quality. Especially the night battles look much better now.

Below are some examples:

Here are some interactable images with the new graphics:

Performance improvements

Normally the new movement system should already have been finished, but due to technical problems, I could finish it. This is on top of my list and I'm looking forward to finally finish it tomorrow. I played a small test battle and the performance looks very promising.

So since I could't test the cpu performance last week, I optimized the gpu a bit even although it's not the bottleneck.

There are now new features for modern computers like graphic jobs and multithreaded rendering, but also some improvements for low end computers, which will also improve the cpu performance like dynamic skinned mesh combining for animals.

In addition, I removed unused colliders, rigidbodies and more to improve the physics performance.


My gameplay tests were really successful! The game feels much smoother now.

More settings

I recreated the whole settings menu to improve the layout and the overview.

There are also new options for more detailed graphics adjustments.

Updated conquest and king of the hill

Since I haven't updated the gamemodes conquest and king of the hill for a long time,

I decided to do some improvements:

  • New unit behaviour
    • I updated the unit decider, which I created weeks ago for custom battles to allow dynamic units(spawn/despawn) to allow the usage in the other gamemodes.
  • I changed the maximum unit amount per team from 32 to 48 to allow larger battles
  • King of the hill map selection will now work like the Conquest map selection
    • You will choose a map layout and a biome of your choise
  • There was a bug, which caused strange behaviour if you tried to pick up weapons

What's next?

Tomorrow I want to finish the performance improvements and the new movement system.

And if all works well, I will continue the ocean battles next week, so that they might be in the upcoming update.