Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 2

Posted on 24 September 2016 by Jannik

Open beta, new units, shields, horses and custom battle editor...

Open beta release date!

It's happening! Ancient Warfare 2 open beta will start on 5th October 2016!

There will be a lot of troups, heavy and large battles with allied units and much more...

I'm not 100% sure about the content in the beta release but there will be the new custom battle editor and all troups that are in game until then.

Where will development end?

This is the question I asked to myself. On the one hand I have a bunch of ideas to make the game better and more interesting, but on the other hand I want to keep the concept from 'Ancient Warfare 1'.

This is a difficult topic and I think it's the best to keep both.

You will have the possibility to play alone and control the only blue guy or you can play with team mates and fight large and awesome battles against a bunch of enemies.

For my plans it's important to add those allied units to create new game modes like siege and conquest.

Shields are in again!

I liked the ideas of shields in 'Ancient Warfare 1' but I didn't like the way they worked...

The first problem was, that they didn't really worked at all against melee weapons. This is now fixed and they should really protect the user.

The second problem was, that shields weren't really controllable at all. You were just be able to use or not use it.

Now you can adjust the position of the shield with your mouse when you press "E".

Shields will protect from arrows and bolts, but maybe bolts from crossbows will shoot through shields.

Last thing to say about the shields: There are now different type of shields in game.

Next with I want to add: Use weapons to cover you aginst weapons.

New units

I've added catapults to the game! They shoot large rocks, which have some impact range damage to kill groups of units.

The catapults are only the start of more siege weapons to make the game a bit more extreme and to add heavy battles with many kills.

Other units I added last week:

  • Pike with shield
    • Really dangerous, it's hard to kill those guys
  • Spear man
    • Long ranged but easy to kill
  • Spear thrower
    • After they thave thrown their spear, they aren't dangerous at all
  • Unarmed
    • They will just try to beat you
  • Flame Arrow Archers
    • Like normal archers, but they shoot burning arrows, which have 50% more damage

Im looking forward to add more and more troops until release!


I think in a medieval game there should be horses. They are now added and are faster than every other enemy in game.

You can also dismember horses!

Custom Battle Editor

I started working on the first game mode, the custom battle editor!

To make it a bit more visually appealing, I decided to add some flyout/in menus.

As you can see in the picture there will be a bunch of more features than in 'Ancient Warfare 1'.

For example, you can save and load custom battles and I'm planning to add a feature to share battles.

You will have the possibility to create battles and spectate or control your character.

I think this gamemode will be awesome!

Whats next?

Next week I want to finish the custom battle editor and add more troops with shields.

The horses could be improved and the AI in general.