Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 19

Posted on 28th January 2017 by Jannik

New units, new buildings, new traps, update, steam greenlight and more...

Steam greenlight

Ancient Warfare got green light and will be released on steam!

I will publish more information about that topic soon.

New Units

There are some really cool new units:

  • Fire cart
  • Deathbarrowl
  • Siege shield
  • Wolf
  • Barrel catapult
  • Dung catapult

New Traps

There are also some new traps:

  • Spear trap
  • Man trap
  • Wide man trap
  • Wolf cage
  • Wide horse trap
  • Small wolf cage(1 wolf)
  • Large wolf cage(3 wolves)

New building parts

I added more building parts:

  • Spiked stone wall
  • Spiked stone wall edge
  • 4 slim towers
  • Wall mounted trees

Better fighting

I didn't finish the procedural attacks, but I will update the game again, after I finished it.

For now, I improved the attack behaviour, which will now react much faster to the player's input.

Other improvements

  • There are now news in the main menu
  • Projectiles will now created 200% damage, if they hit the head of a unit

Update 3 changelog

In case you missed the last 2 devblogs, here is a small summary of the update:

  • 43 new units (Lords, hoplites, siege weapons, blowdarters, wolves, camels, ...)
  • 6 new buildings
  • 7 new traps
  • New armor, weapons and shields for the player
  • Faster attack controls
  • Level bundles
  • Large terrain option
  • Bug fixes (bouncy weapons, shields and weapons will now stop attack animations)
  • UI resolution fixes
  • Balancing (hwacha 200% damage, hwacha 10% building damage, double bow headshot damage, ...)


The next update will be about gameplay improvements, graphics improvements and audio improvements!

Release date: 26th February 2017