Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 16

Posted on 7th January 2017 by Jannik

Update, procedural battles, quick mode, new environment, performance improvements and more...


I hope that you enjoy the huge update today!


  • Castle building system
  • More building parts
  • Elephant/Horse riding
  • 37 new units
  • Traps
  • King vs. king mode
  • Procedural battles
  • Performance improvements

For more details, you can have a look to my devblogs 14-16.

The next update will be released on the 25th January.

It will contain more building parts, traps, siege units, more performance improvements, level bundles and a new fighting system for the player.

Procedural battles

This is something totally new! You can now start Ancient Warfare and press the "Quick game" button to directly start a battle.

The map, weather, daytime, enemies, allies, equipment... is all randomly created. If you finished a battle, you can either play it again, or click one button to start a new random battle.

This game mode allows you to play thousands of battles, without any preparation in the editor.


And if you want to create a custom battle in the custom battle editor, you can just press the random button in the top toolbar, to force the custom battle editor to create a battle for you.


At the moment, there are only battles, where you have to reach a target, but I will add random deathmatch and siege battles soon.

New environment

There is a new biome in the game: The savanna!


In the next weeks, I want to improve the graphics, too.

I added some clouds to the sky, which will be darker if it is raining.

You can adjust how many clouds you want to have.


There were may, who wanted spriting and jumping or that the player would be faster.

I have added sprinting, but I lowered the default character speed.

You can sprint as long as you want and your speed while sprinting is faster than before the update.

I will add jumping, too, but I want to finish the new fighting system first.

Performance improvements part 2

Last week I analysed the performance of the AI and added a feature to allow you to place many ranged units on castle walls and towers.

This week I improved the performance of particle systems and the AI again.

Sometimes there were extreme performance breaks when many units were cut into pieces, because there were many blood instances created. There is now a limit of blood instances and the blood performance has been improved, too.

I improved all kinds of AI to reduce many movement operations, if they are not necessary.

Other performance improvements:

  • Player control script
  • HUD
  • Arena(from 35 to 60+ fps)

However, there are still some optimizations left for the next update.

Resolution fixes

There wer some issues with the unit selection rect, the unit behaviour panel and the tooltip on some screen resolutions.

This is now fixed and all should show up correctly on every resolution.


The most asked question is: "Will there be multiplayer?"

And I always said, that I will answer this question after the next update.

Here is my answer: I will start to work on a multiplayer soon. I can't guarantee that it will find it's way into the game, but I will try it and give my best!

Removed the old castle

I removed the old finished castle from the game, because I won't want support an old system.

You can now build your own castles, which is much better.

That means that battles with the old castle in it won't work anymore.