Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 14

Posted on 24 December 2016 by Jannik

New units, castle building, king vs. king mode, poison and more...

New units

I want to add some cool content in the next update. Here are the first list of new units, the next one will follow next week.

  • Mortar
  • Cannon
  • Poison bow
  • Flame crossbow
  • Poison crossbow
  • Fire grenade thrower
  • Stone thrower
  • Elephant flame bow
  • Elephant poison bow
  • Elephant crossbow
  • Elephant flame crossbow
  • Elephant poison crossbow
  • Elephant hand cannon
  • Elephant sling
  • Flame spear thrower

You can now choose flame and poison weapons at the start.


There is something totally new in game: Poison weapons!

They are a bit difficult because once you got hit, you will die slowly.

If you get hit by a poison arrow, you will get the default arrow damage, but will also get 5 damage each seconds. If you get hit by another arrow the damage will be 10 and so on.

This makes poison weapons really effective against huge units like elephants.

You can notice poison by the purple stroke behind the projectile.

Castle building

The castle building system is nearly finished! You will be able to build wood or stone castles with a snapping system and different wall parts and towers.

This new feature allows really large custom castles.

Next week I will create more building parts, some ultra large towers and traps.

Custom battle editor

Again, I did some improvements for the custom battle editor.

You will be able to filter units by the category and search for weapons/shields/armor...

King vs. King mode

There is now a new gamemode in the custom battle editor!

You have to place a red and a blue king, the team, which kills the other king wins.

Performance improvements

I started to experiment a bit to improve the optimization.

There are several ways to improve the game and I want to make sure to choose the best one, but I think there will be huge improvements in the next updates, because first results are really good.