Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 13

Posted on 17 November 2016 by Jannik

New UI theme, christmas stuff, night mode and more...

Next Update

Todays update focuses on better controls, some fixes and internal preparations for future updates. This update is rather small, but the next one, I can promise you, will be really cool!

  • Ride horses and elephants
    • There is not much to say, you will be able to start with animals or start to use them in a battle
  • Much more units
    • There are about 20 on my list
  • More buildings
    • Large Towers, walls and traps
  • Castle building system
    • A snap system with walls and towers
  • Performance improvements
    • I will try to allow larger battles with good framerates!
  • King vs. King gamemode
    • This will be like the siege mode, but with two kings
    • It will take place in the custom battle editor

If I'm good in time, I will start the following:

  • Procedural animations
    • I will see how far I will come, but I may start to create procedural animations and a new player melee combat system

Next update will be out on 6th or 7th January 2017!

Christmas is comming

Todays update will be the last one before christmas. I decided to add santa clause and a christmas biome to the game.

I really hope that you will enjoy killing santa!

New UI color theme

I changed the UI color theme to a darker grey with a bit transparency and white text. The UI design wasn't continues through the whole game, so I changed it. The new color increases the visibility in bright biomes like snow. There are also some UI improvements.

Night mode

A small new experimental feature for the custom battle editor is the night mode. You can enable the night in the settings flyin.

Height aim in third person

Many of your requested height aim with ranged weapons in the third person mode.

You can now use the mouse to move your head up and down, as in first person mode. In addition, there is a light green line to show you the direction. With some training, this system is good enough to aim with any ranged weapon in game.

Static object combining

I wrote an algorithm to merge all the environment objects in the custom battle editor. This should increase the performance a bit, but it also allows more materials in the scene and more complex objects like the snowman and the christmas trees.

This method will also increase the physic performance, but it will need more time to load the custom battle. The custom battle editor itself is not affected by the loading times, which allows you to quickly change the environment.

I will add an asynchronous loading method soon, to show a progress bar or something similar.

Other new features

  • Stop despawn bodyparts and weapons
    • You can now disable the despawn system for weapons, shields and bodyparts in custom battles
    • If your computer is good enough and you want to see the whole battle result, you can now see it
  • You can now see a light green target line then holding a ranged weapon
  • The last used directory will now be saved after you saved a custom battle
    • This allows you to faster save and load your battles
  • There will now be a small notification in the main menu about the date for the next update and if there is a new version out.
  • 2k support
    • You can now play Ancient Warfare 2 in 2560x1440 if your monitor supports the resolution