Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 11

Posted on 3 December 2016 by Jannik

Lots of bugs fixes, first person mode, better physics, new features and more...

First person mode

A cool new feature is the first person mode!

Switch between the default and the first person camera by pressing "c". The new perspective is a really intense experience and I was surprised when I tested it the first time. You head movement is free with the mouse, which allows you to aim with ranged weapons.

Equipment selection

I have finished the new equipment panel!

You can now start with ranged weapons and even siege weapons. If you want you can of course start with the default melee/shield combinations.

There is also the ability to start with armor, but you will be slower than without armor.

Camera adjustment

I got some feedback about the bad camera position/rotation. I'm not sure how I could improve the settings, so I added a button in the settings, which allows you to adjust the camera position/rotation.

Control siege weapons

You can now control a siege weapon when pressing "G" if you are near one. You can also leave them when you press "G" again.

Screen resolutions

There were some problems with low screen resolutions. I tested all resolutions and improved the UI. There are some estetic mistakes, but these are all resolutions which are supported and working:

  • 1920x1080
  • 1680x1050
  • 1600x900
  • 1440x900
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x800
  • 1280x768
  • 1280x720
  • 1024x768
  • 800x600
  • 720x480
  • 640x480

General improvements

-You can now disable dismemberment in the options

-Trees won't block units anymore

-Small stones are better integrated in the terrain

-The custom battle editor now shows you how many units of both fractions are in the battle

-Elephants will now smooth rotate towards new targets

-Ballistas will now smooth rotate towards new targets

-Improved the castle chunk assignment

-Destroyed castle parts will now despawn slower

-Spear throwers are now one hit against units

-Units will now have a bit random movementspeed

Physic improvements

-I reduced the stacking behaviour of the units. It can still happen, but not very often and even if they are stacked, they will fall down better and faster. And it will only happen if you place about 60 units really close to one enemy. However, some units are more likely to stack than others.

-Arrows won't longer stuck in the air

-Arrows will stay at death enemies

-Sometimes the game crashed or heavily lagged because some ragdolls "exploded". This is now fixed.

Engine Update

I have updated the engine to 5.5.0. This update increased the fps by 10!

Expect more fps improvements in the next 2 weeks.

Bug fixes

Again I fixed many bugs. This is a list with the relevant fixed stuff:

  • Character arms were sometimes hidden
  • Unitbehaviour panel won't show up when selecting units without adjustable behaviour
    • It will now ignore those units
  • Selecting two or more towers would delete the texture of the first one
  • Old units/objects weren't destroyed when loading a game
  • Ballista/Catapult/Hwacha ignored the reload time sometimes
  • Ballista units ignored min attack distance
  • Towers and castles would not be selected on click on it
  • Music started to play when loading, even if music were not enabled
  • Siege weapons and armored units were stacking in formation placement mode
  • Control units were sometimes shaking
  • Sometimes you weren't able to place catapults and hwachas on castle towers
  • Sometimes you weren't able to use a ranged weapon again, after you have thrown it away
  • Thrown weapons would't dismember enemies
  • Units which were under a tower would be placed on the tower when navigating back to the custom battle editor
  • Spear throwers killed every enemy with one hit
  • You weren't able to capture screenshots with F12 after navigating back from a custom battle

3 days to go

There are 3 days to go until the full release. I will fix the last bugs, adjust sound effects and add one or two small features to improve the game.

After the full release, I will start fixing all stuff that you will find and add more content.

There is much more planned for Ancient Warfare 2 and I will create a modern spin off soon.