Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 10

Posted on 26 November 2016 by Jannik

Much more units, improved gamemodes and more...

Last week was really productive and I created and fixed countless stuff.

I will try to keep this pace until release!

New units

Last week I added a bunch of new units. To much to write a list, but you can see all icons here:

Custom Battle Editor

There were a few things missing in the custom battle editor:

-You can now go back to menu when pressing escape and clicking yes on a dialog popup

-The selected weapon and shield of the player now show up correctly

-You will now select a single unit when you click at one

-You can now select multiple units when you hold down shift or left control and selecting units

General improvements

This is a list of general improvements I did last week, which affects all gamemodes:

  • Shields from blue units are now blue
  • Shields and weapons despawn after a minute without any owner
  • There will be a small wall in each gamemode which protect the players from falling of the map
  • Sometimes a shield spawned at the beginning of a match

King of the hill

I improved the unit behaviour to give the gamemode it's last touches.

It's now working pretty fine and all units try to capture the one flag.

There were an issue that I weren't able to place grass and other stuff, which is now possible, too.


Like the king of the hill mode, the conquest mode is now final, too. I've added a few flat maps with different flag formations.

The AI is really good at this gamemode, sometimes better than me, although I can kill better.

They are very straight forward and aggressive, this makes them really dangerous.

Equipment panel

I started to improve the equipment panel to allow the usage of ranged and siege weapons. You can use armor, too.

It's not fnished, but I will finish it until release, so that you can actually control siege weapons.

Environment collisions

There were some problems with units, which were stucking in the environment. The main prblems were trees and small stone. The small stones are now a bit deeper in the ground and the green part of trees won't create collisions anymore.


I've added the option to disable dismemberment if it's too brutally for you ;P

I will add a few more improtant options until release.

Engine Update

I updated the unity engine to 5.4.2, which is a really stable version, but I want to update to the 5.5 version until release. So hopefully it will be as stable as it is now.

Beta Update 3

I've updated the beta the last time until release.

There are bug fixes and the new siege mode. The spear elephant and sling warriors are unlocked now.


The release date is on 6th December 2016. I will release a full version of the game with all gamemodes and units unlocked.

But this is not the end, I will continue to develop Ancient Warfare 2. This means there are going to be more gamemodes and levels.

I want to release a bunch of free dlc level packs in the next months to keep the game interesting. ANd there are plans to add more fractions and more gamemodes, too.

Now on

Ancient Warfare 2 is now on gamejolt and I wanted to use a second platform to increase the audience.

Final week

Next week is the last week before the full release. I will use the time to fix the last bugs and add a few more features.

I'm very good in the schedule. Main topics to improve are audio, movement of units and bug fixing.