Ancient Warfare 2 Devblog 1

Posted on 17 September 2016 by Jannik

Complete ragdolls

In Ancient Warfare 1 there weren't real ragdolls at all, just an object with a rigidbody without animations.

Now there are real ragdolls after the death of an unit.

Dismemberment and blood

I thought that dismemberment would be really cool and realistic.

Now then you hit an enemy with a melee weapon like a sword, you will cut off it's body parts.

Allied units

As the title images shows, there are now allied units in game, who will fight against the enemy units.

Improved AI performance

It's somehow difficult to keep the game playable, even with lots of AIs.

I extremly improved the ai, so that the cpu usage is at nearly 0%.

That means, that you can create large battlefields with good performance from the cpu side.

The problem is the gpu! Particle Systems for blood are really expensive and even my AMD R9 280X reached it's limit.

But I'm pretty sure that I can improve that.



Ancient Warfare 1's battlefield was on a simple green flat terrain.

Now I've added grass, trees and rocks.

I've already planed to add mountains to surround the battlefield, hills to make it a bit uneven und castles.

This changes the hole look of the game in a positive way.

Spectate mode

To keep an overview of all troops, I've added a spectate mode.

If you want, you can just spectate huge battles.

In spectate mode you can also adjust the game speed to watch slow motion or stop the game to take a screenshot from a specific scene.

The battle info shows you how many troops of each fraction are still alive.


In Ancient Warfare 1 the player could just use one weapon, but now you can pick up different weapons.

You can also throw your weapon at the enemies, since you can just pick up a new one.

The weapons I've added so far:

  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Axe
  • Battle axe
  • Pike
  • Bow (AI only)
  • Crossbow (AI only)


I've added a few enemies to the game:

  • Sword fighter
  • Archer
  • Crossbower
  • Pikenier
  • Axe fighter

Release date?!

I have a really detailed plan that will be in game and I thought about how long it would take to implement all that stuff.

30 October 2016 would be a possible release date for Ancient Warfare 2.

Please note that this is not a 100% save release date, it's just a personal target to make a bit pressure to myself.

Ancient Warfare will release, when it's finished!

What's next?

Next week I will focus on more troops. especially siege troops like catapults and ballistas.

I will also improve the archers, so that can shoot more precise.

Next point is to add the shield to the player again, but to the AI, too.

But it will be in a different and better way than in Ancient Warfare 1.

And after that I think I can start to create the first gamemodes.